Tide Pools

This is my childhood memory.  Tide pools. I can hear the waves break out there and gently lap into the pools…My mother took me to the ocean most days of my early childhood, before there was a sister and before we moved to the desert.  Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar.  Those were my places and at low tide tide pools where my play ground.  Old sneakers on and I was left to wander around.  The memory of tide pools is strong and the desire to return is always with me.  We did return and I walked the tide pools of Laguna Beach.  My family went shopping and I went to the tide pools.  I dragged my daughter with me, trying to show her my childhood playground.  That might have been a bit lost on the next generation.  I use to take sticks and poke in the middle of the sea urchins and they would of course close up from the intrusion.

Water is in my soul.  Moving water in my veins and forever in my ears.  Starfish clinging to the rocks.  There were orange ones, red ones and purple ones clinging and we would gently touch them and their under belly if they washed up on shore.

My recent work includes raised levels of textured plaster, and then in my mind’s eye I see water washing over and receding.  “Upon the Waters”…  I sing as I smear plaster around feeling so lucky to have been watching other encaustic artists and seeking to receive their influence…I sing…”Spirit lead me where my faith is without borders”…

Then we moved to Florida…and there were no tide pools at any of the beaches we frequented.  We would load the car up and drive across the state to the beach, it took 45 mins to an hour.  I was so crushed that it too so long and was nothing like my cold rocky pacific ocean coastline.


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